Cast Spotlight – Ada Radius

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Actress Ada Radius stars in Z. Sharon Glantz's "Oxymoronic Fusion"

Ada Radius is a prominent supporter and participant in the theatrical community of Second Life™.  In addition to her extensive list of productions and activities online, the Actress has shares her talents as a voiceover actor, graphic designer and entrepeneur.

Actor, Admin, Art Design and Graphics, Script Adaptations, Music

Current Projects:

ART Plays Around (Various) A.R.T.

Upcoming Projects:

Alice in Wonderland (Cheshire Cat, March Hare) A.R.T.

Previous Projects:

The REAL Christmas Story: The Christmas I Met Santa (Mom); And It Was Christmas Day (Liz) A.R.T.

Into Midnight (Grace) Metaverse Broadcasting Company and Altern-A-Life-Productions

13 Objects: Tin (Old Woman); The Talk of a Toy (Queen); South of that Place Near (Woman) A.R.T. and Coventry University

Shakespeare at the Pavilion (Titania, Ophelia, Hippolyta) A.R.T. and San Diego City Sim

The Tempest (Ariel) A.R.T. and Garden World Sim

The Iconoclasts (The Patriarch) Present Company (Irene of Athens) Present Company

Tales of the Metaverse: Masquerade (Chris) A.R.T. and Avatar Machinima Productions

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Titania/Hippolyta) Ivy Spirit Productions and Act Up Theatre Company

The Bacchae (Agave) dir. Phorkyad Acropolis

Sex, Death and Religion (Christian Slave) prod. Paggles Whitman

A Stranger to RickRolling (Letitia), prod. Thinkerer Melville

Introduction to Letitia (Letitia), prod. Thinkerer Melville

Unexpected Detours: Teardrops on Roses (Coach Leah) Act Up Theatre Company

In the Pink (monologue) Ivy Falls— View Ada’s interview here!

Sounds of Poetry (reader) prod. ToryLynn Writer and Cookie Sim

This Holodeck is Made for Business (Laura) prod. Thinkerer Melville


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