Cast Spotlight – Candi Zephaniah

In Uncategorized on March 4, 2010 by lailuloon

Candi Zephaniah stars in Z. Sharon Glantz's "Oxymoronic Fusion"

Candi Zephaniah  is a nut. Plain & Simple.

She loves the stage as an outlet for all her wacky energy & has been involved in theatre companies in SL since 2007.

The effervescent Zephaniah has been cast in the following virtual world productions:

Midsummer Night’s Dream

In The Pink

Teardrops On Roses

I Gave At The Office (another original play by Z. Sharon Glantz produced in Second Life™ in 2009. 

“I came out of the womb quoting Shakespeare and singing Handel’s Messiah” quotes the Actress.

Candi stars in the upcoming production of “Oxymoronic Fusion” which opens in the Virtual World of Second Life™ on April 1, 2010.   The production will also be streamed live in Seattle Washington on April 11, 2010.


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