Cast Spotlight – Crap Mariner

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Crap Mariner stars in Z. Sharon Glantz's "Oxymoronic Fusion"

Crap Mariner plays a “dummy” in the upcoming production of “Oxymoronic Fusion” an original play staged in the Virtual World of Second Life™.  Crap is a prolific entertainer in Second Life and has one of the more scripted articulated avatars on the grid, which is of course amazingly detailed and an artform to look at.

She also takes about three hours to “load”.  And that’s with a superior graphics card.

Moving on.

In her own recyclable words: ” R. Crap Mariner is an independent clockwork humanoid designed to overthrow and crush the human race in the future war between robots and humans.  In the meantime, it waits patiently in its Clocktree Park, a subtle perversion of nature and technology. Biding its time, writing and recording a 100 word story every day.

To hear the recordings of the 100 word stories click here.

Crap Mariner is also a recognized advocate of the independent music industry inside of Second Life, assisting new artists with resources to promote their live music performances by founding Tunes InSL.  For more information on that project click here.


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