Cast Spotlight – Kayden O’Connell

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Kayden Oconnell comes to Second Life™ with over thirty years of experience in real world theater.  He is also a published playwright and a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.  He has worked in commercial radio and done voice-over work for a number of clients.  As a resident of Second Life™ for over two years, he has continued to use those skills in performing in this virtual world and working for commercial clients in preparing films.  In Second Life™ he is experienced and confident in the use of avatar movement, appearance and voicing.

Producer/Manager/Actor with the Second Life Avatar Repertory Theater

Director/Playwright/Actor/Producer in real world theater

Keyboard Musician with real world vocal jazz group

Recipient of regional arts fellowship for work in theater

In-world Projects

“The Best Christmas Special . . . Ever!”, as part of the 48 Hour Film Project (Robert Thomas) – Suzy’s Super Cast and Crew

“The Real Christmas Story: The Christmas I Met Santa” (Old Man/Ian); “He Remembers It Well” (Older) –  A.R.T.

Machinima Productions and Live Events (Cast and Crew Member) – Suzy’s Super Cast and Crew

“13 Objects” A Lonely Spade (Officer); Tin (Soldier); Cracked Lens (Youth); Blind Prejudice (Optician); The Hermit’s War With God (First Poor) – A.R.T. and Coventry University

Burns & Allen do Abbot & Costello (George Burns) – Ideajuice Studios

Shakespeare at the Pavilion (Antony, Claudius, Demetrius) – A.R.T. and San Diego City Sim

“The Tempest” (Prospero) – A.R.T. and Garden World Sim

“The Iconoclasts” (The Patriarch) – Present Company

“Tales of the Metaverse: Under the Skin” (Brad) – A.R.T. and Avatar Machinima Productions

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Oberon, Theseus) – Ivy Spirit Productions and Act Up Theatre Company

“Hamlet” Mini-Series – (Horatio) SL Shakespeare Company

“Kingdom Calling” (Anthony) – Valley Spirit Productions

Ego – voice over “Alls Well That Ends Well” (King) – Tyrol Rimbaud Installation

Voiceovers for Popcha! and Sound’r Productions

St. Andrews Pilot (Nick) – Silver Seraph Productions


The Best Christmas Special…Ever!” machinima project.

Burns and Allen do Abbott and Costello, Ideajuice Studios

Website for Avatar Repertory Theater

Livestream Site for Avatar Repertory Theater Programming


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