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Cast Spotlight – Misterblue Waves

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Misterblue Waves plays "Sybil" in Z. Sharon Glantz's "Oxymoronic Fusion"

Misterblue Waves has been dabbling in SL theater for several years with his last performance as Archeron in the original play ‘Hypatia of Alexandria” written by Skylar Smythe and Produced by Josue Habana.

Other activities include creating machinema and managing the Portland Connection sim a replica build of Portland Oregon, United States.



Cast Spotlight – Kayden O’Connell

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Kayden Oconnell comes to Second Life™ with over thirty years of experience in real world theater.  He is also a published playwright and a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.  He has worked in commercial radio and done voice-over work for a number of clients.  As a resident of Second Life™ for over two years, he has continued to use those skills in performing in this virtual world and working for commercial clients in preparing films.  In Second Life™ he is experienced and confident in the use of avatar movement, appearance and voicing.

Producer/Manager/Actor with the Second Life Avatar Repertory Theater

Director/Playwright/Actor/Producer in real world theater

Keyboard Musician with real world vocal jazz group

Recipient of regional arts fellowship for work in theater

In-world Projects

“The Best Christmas Special . . . Ever!”, as part of the 48 Hour Film Project (Robert Thomas) – Suzy’s Super Cast and Crew

“The Real Christmas Story: The Christmas I Met Santa” (Old Man/Ian); “He Remembers It Well” (Older) –  A.R.T.

Machinima Productions and Live Events (Cast and Crew Member) – Suzy’s Super Cast and Crew

“13 Objects” A Lonely Spade (Officer); Tin (Soldier); Cracked Lens (Youth); Blind Prejudice (Optician); The Hermit’s War With God (First Poor) – A.R.T. and Coventry University

Burns & Allen do Abbot & Costello (George Burns) – Ideajuice Studios

Shakespeare at the Pavilion (Antony, Claudius, Demetrius) – A.R.T. and San Diego City Sim

“The Tempest” (Prospero) – A.R.T. and Garden World Sim

“The Iconoclasts” (The Patriarch) – Present Company

“Tales of the Metaverse: Under the Skin” (Brad) – A.R.T. and Avatar Machinima Productions

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Oberon, Theseus) – Ivy Spirit Productions and Act Up Theatre Company

“Hamlet” Mini-Series – (Horatio) SL Shakespeare Company

“Kingdom Calling” (Anthony) – Valley Spirit Productions

Ego – voice over “Alls Well That Ends Well” (King) – Tyrol Rimbaud Installation

Voiceovers for Popcha! and Sound’r Productions

St. Andrews Pilot (Nick) – Silver Seraph Productions


The Best Christmas Special…Ever!” machinima project.

Burns and Allen do Abbott and Costello, Ideajuice Studios

Website for Avatar Repertory Theater

Livestream Site for Avatar Repertory Theater Programming


Cast Spotlight – Eve Petlyakov

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Eve Petlyakov stars in Z. Sharon Glantz's Original Play "Oxymoronic Fusion"

Eve Petlyakov is one creative that you certainly want to keep an eye on.

The lovely and talented American made her Second Life™ acting debut last summer in Josue Habana and Skylar Smythe’s production of “Hypatia of Alexandria” playing the dramatic role of Lydia.  Her incredible death scene roused patrons from their seats and won her and the cast accolades for the moving performance.

An accomplished photographer and builder, she spends her time mastering and competing in building blitzes at NCI, creating in her home studio.

As if that were not enough to keep her busy, Eve Petlyakov is a recognized face in the Second Life™ fashion industry where she proudly manages the grid’s largest male fashion conglomerate KMADD Enterprise; which encapsulates MAD Studio, MADesign, and MAD Agency, one of the grid’s most foremost fashion houses.

Eve’s art photography  has been featured in BOSL and Maniera Magazines.  She also contributes quarterly on the topic of seasonal fashion trends for “The Metaverse Tribune”.  Click here to see her last fashion review.

Her favorite activities include mentoring at Help Island Public and exploring the grid.


Cast Spotlight – Persephone Phoenix

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Persephone Phoenix stars in Z. Sharon Glantz's "Oxymoronic Fusion".

Persephone Phoenix’s First Life avatar has a BFA in theatre performance and has performed thirty eight roles on stage there.  The talented artist is not only engaged in several theatrical groups and communities in Second Life, but she is also an avid supporter of the visual and literary arts in the virtual world.

Ms. Phoenix was an active participant in the SLCC (Second Life Community Convention) in San Francisco, 2009 where she attended mix media events and shared her poetry live with attendees.

Persephone Phoenix has performed in many SL theatre productions, including The Bacchae, Tempest, and In the Pink. She is a member of Avatar Repertory Theatre and performs her own poetry each Sunday night at the Blue Angel Poets’ Dive, the original and oldest running literary community in Second Life™.

In 2009 Persephone Phoenix co-published an anthology (with British writer Huckleberry Hax)  of poetry which featured submissions from some of Second Life’s most talented writers.  The Anthology can be purchased online via LuLu  here.

For an excellent online interview of Persephone Phoenix for the radio show “Off the Shelf” please visit the the website here:

Her writing style?  Insightful.  Her involvement? Inspiring.

Catch Persephone Phoenix in Z. Sharon Glantz (Lailu Loon’s) original play “Oxymoronic Fusion” opening on April 1, 2010.