Things To Do in Second Life….

‘Second Life,’ comes under harsh criticism in the mainstream media. Tabloid stories focus on the Fortune 500 companies who failed to make SL work for them (blaming the platform, as opposed to the marketing incompetency of these companies). Journalists write about people leaving their real life spouses to raise virtual children, neglecting their real children to run off with someone on the other side of the world they met in SL and generally all have a negative spin. There’s too much said about the ‘adult’ content and not enough said about the creativity potential of Second Life.

I’ve almost lost count of the number of times I have been asked, “Are there even things to do in Second Life, other than cyber sex or adultery?”

This production of Oxymoronic Fusion by Z. Sharon Glantz epitomises the potential Second Life has.

So you’re really stuck for ideas of things to do in Second Life?

– Display your artwork in a gallery, cost free. Or go visit the art exhibitions of other artists.

– Attent a live open microphone poetry or spoken word event.

– Walk through someone else’s imagination. There are thousands of sims where the most creative and talented of people have essentially built an element of their imagination for your viewing pleasure.

– Be inspired to share your own imagination, get building, sculpting, landscaping…

– Attend or take part in a virtual theater production.

– Set up a real, functioning and profit making business.

Go. Get. Creative.


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